Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey Dolls! Just wanted to share with you what my favorite fragrance is at the moment
*Drum Roll Please*-------------------------------------------------------------Fragrances by TOCCA!
If you haven't seen or heard of these perfumes before here is a picture of what they look like...

Aren't they just so cute?! I am in love with the design and the packaging...

It has always been a challenge for me to find a fragrance that not only smells good, but that is also very long lasting. It is also a challenge to find something that people hardly know of.

I don't know about you guys but I just hate it when I am wearing a fragrance that someone in the room is also wearing. I like to be different so I try my best to take my time to find something that people haven't noticed or used yet.

Smelling exactly like another person is not an option for me! LOL

My signature scent used to be the Silver bottled Perfume by GUESS here's a picture below
So I got tired of my signature GUESS scent and was searching for something
different, mysterious and flirty...and I stumbled upon the 'TOCCA' line of fragrances and was instantly attracted to the packaging and the design of the bottle simply because it's manufactured like no other.

I will not lie it took me about 30 to 40 minutes of smelling all the different scents over and over again to finally decide on one. That's how good they all smell!

I made up my mind and picked the scent called 'Giulietta'... I swear I'm in love... I wear it everyday and can't get enough it's such a sweet intense floral scent. I spray it everywhere from my bedroom to my clothes just to add a personal touch to everything I own...LOL (OBSESSED!)

Giulietta by 'TOCCA' has...
Top notes: Ylang Ylang, Green Apples, Bulgarian Rose, and Pink Tulips
Middle notes: Iris Pallida, Vanilla Orchid, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope
Bottom notes:  Musk, Amber,Cedarwood, Sandalwood

If you're at Sephora stop by the 'TOCCA' section and take a sniff...you will thank me later  ;)

What is your favorite scent at the moment? Go ahead share your thoughts... I would love to know! Xo!

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