Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smokey Eyes!

What is the best way to vamp up your makeup? ANSWER: SMOKEY EYES! Here's a step by step guide on how to achieve the most marvelous smoked look!

1. Start of with clean lids and dab on some eyeshadow primer starting down at the eyelids and working your way up to the brow bone. Keep on dabbing until the product disappears onto the skin.

2. Grab an eyeshadow palette with dark hues such as: dark brown, black, bronze, or you can also experiment with colors such as an intense purple or navy blue shades.

3. Set aside four colors that compliment each other from the palette of your preference. Differentiate them from LIGHTEST to DARKEST. The lightest being #1, second lightest being #2, dark being #3, and darkest being #4. (Numbering the shades in your head is just a technique to help you if you do not know what you are doing)

4. Apply shade #3 all over your crease. You can find the crease by tilting your head back and finding the deep fold. Using a fluffy brush blend using circular motions working your way from the outside corner inward.

5. Apply shade #2 onto lids concentrating on depositing as much color by using patting motions.

6. Apply shade #4 onto the outer crease using an angled brush concentrating on depositing dark color. Go over with the same fluffy brush to soften any harsh edges.

7. Apply shade #1 all over brow bone blending it well with some of the crease color so streaks of color won't show.

Optional: you can apply any other light shade with a metallic shimmer on the inner corners of  your eyes, that way you'll have that "wide awake look"

8. Finish off with black mascara focusing on the outer lashes brushing upwards. You can also apply some on your bottom lashes.

Optional: you can line your waterline with black eye liner for a more intense look.


This is a smokey eye using blue tones, I wore red lipstick because I was feeling daring lol. But my advice is to keep lips neutral. 
Tips: While going for the "smokey look" try not to use dark colors on lips, let your eyes be the statement. you can dab on a nude color, light pink or even a clear gloss. Good Luck! and share your results! XOXO.

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  1. Waaao this is amazing! I'm pretty sure a lots of female college students and professionals can sure use your advice to look "glamorous" not only on their nights out but also on their business meetings! Thanks again for the advice!