Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Top 10 Beauty Must Haves!!!

Hey there my lovely Sirens!
So I get a lot of questions often on what type of products I use for my hair, skin, etc... and thought to myself why not create a post where I can show the world what products I absolutely cannot live without! All the products listed below can be easily purchased at your nearest pharmacy and are pocket friendly so there is no excuse to let yourself go ladies! Please go and check these products out if you haven't already.

My absolute favorite hair products are: 
1. So I like to wash my hair before I straighten it with a Shampoo that is moisturizing and will provide a good lather that's going to leave my hair with that squeaky clean feeling. This Shampoo and Conditioner  Root Awakening by the John Frieda Collection definitely does the job. Not only does it leave your scalp feeling minty clean, but it is the only Shampoo & Conditioner that I have tried that actually helps aid in detangling hair in the shower fast with hardly any breakage!

2. After I wash my hair I towel dry it until it is damp. Next I grab some Moroccan Oil pour a quarter size onto my palms (because I have very long hair) and apply it all over my strands starting from my ends and working my way upwards to the roots. Not only does it cut my blowdrying time but it also protects my hair from the heat and leaves my hair feeling smooth, moisturized, shinny, and bouncy...Def a must have ladies!

3. The last thing I do after my hair is dried and flat ironed is put some anti-frizz hair serum. After years of trying different brands of serums I was glad to find this one from the John Frieda Collection. It is THE BEST and it smells sooo good. It leaves my hair looking sleek, shinny and most importantly NOT FRIZZY AT ALL! LOL
4. On those hot summer days when straightening my hair becomes a drag I usually leave it out natural and curly. But I can't just walk out the house without applying any product! I usually apply mousse and spray it lightly. My absolute favorite curling products that don't weigh my hair down and leaves it controlled is PANTENE Curly hair style line. It leaves every curl shinny and in tact for hours! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
My Favorite Skin Care Products are: 
5. For many years I have suffered with acne and with time I have come to realize that the cause of my acne was a combination of carrying a poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, etc. I have tried many products in the market from very expensive ones to very affordable ones and many left me with little to no results. Then I started taking care of myself, started to eat less junk food, drank more water, eliminated some of the things in my life that were stressing me out, regulated my sleeping pattern and noticed my skin was clearing up little by little. Then I really got into exfoliating my skin 2-3 times a week with facial scrubs and saw that it helped me to get rid of all of the dead skin that was clogging up my pores and causing breakouts. It wasn't until I started using the Neutrogena Daily Cleansing Pads that I noticed my skin tightening and smoothing out. I fell in love! I swear I use this product every other night and replaced it with my regular exfoliating scrub. I use it after cleansing my skin and use the rough part of the pad in circular motions to exfoliate. Definitely a MUST have if you have acne prone skin!

6.  After I cleanse my face in the morning I massage a drop of this moisturizer by BURT'S BEES on my face. It keeps my skin glowing and refreshed and it also helps prevent and control breakouts thanks to the salicylic acid within the ingredients. It took my skin a couple days to get used to this moisturizer and made my skin feel really greasy at first but after like the fourth day of daily use it didn't feel greasy anymore and it helped my skin look clearer and smoother. Definitely one of my ultimate favs!
7. I am obsessed with good smelling natural soaps! and I am sooo happy I discovered this line of natural soaps at the drug store one day. My favorite scent of the Yardley soap line is the one pictured below it is called Pomegranate Rose. Leaves me feeling refreshed, and clean. Did I mention it smells yummy?! LOL

8. Anyone who is anyone has tried this lotion at least once in their lives! Johnson&Johnson's baby lotion has been around for years and this lotion will do the job. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized without leaving a trace of stickiness or a greasy feeling behind. I bet we all can agree that if it was meant for a baby's skin then it can't do no wrong on our skin! Definitely on my favorite list!


 Lips :                                                                                                       
9. Addicted to this lip balm! Especially during the winter season! I use it alone or use it as a lipstick primer and it helps for a smooth color application and colors last longer. 

10. I am all about promoting healthy pearly whites! Having had worked in a Teeth Whitening company like BriteSmile before definitely had a lot to do with it. My favorite whitening mouthwash is this one pictured below by Listerine. After one rinse I saw the difference! I have to admit it does stings a little but it does the job right and I see results.

These are my top 10 beauty product and I use them everyday! 
What are your favorite every day over the counter products?
Share your response! Xo!

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